USA Desk

Doing business in the United States can be a great challenge for Brazilians.

When arriving in a foreign country, entrepreneurs, even though they are fluent in the local language, encounter language barriers because they do not know the language at a native level. Legal obstacles and hiring of professionals can also make it difficult to start doing business in another country.

Thus, based on its experience assisting foreigners in Brazil, Lassori offers its services to Brazilians who want to do business in the United States through the USA Desk. We have an extensive network of professionals working in the United States, coordinated and led by an executive resident in the United States (Florida).

Our work consists of understanding the client’s needs in its economic, financial, and legal aspects and to draw up a plan of action with technical skill and speed for Brazilians doing business in the U.S.

Because we are embedded in Brazilian culture, we understand the importance of having the services provided by the USA Desk scheduled, so that clients have budgetary security when investing outside Brazil.

We operate in the following areas

Real Estate (opportunities to buy and sell property and rent)

  • Support in negotiating and signing lease agreements
  • Translation and review of real estate purchase agreements
  • Translation and analysis of financing agreements (mortgages)

Opening companies;

  • Review of corporate documents and tax studies
  • Presentation and analysis, together with American attorneys, in choosing states with more favorable tax treatment


  • Analysis of the proposals submitted by US lawyers and monitoring of the work

Business: internationalization opportunities (potential businesses to start in the USA)

  • Legal analysis of business structure
  • Legal analysis of Internationalization Study
  • Legal Analysis of the Opportunity Study/Business Brokers

Succession planning

  • Translation and legal analysis of the work of American attorneys in opening a Trust (Revocable and Irrevocable)

Planning the studies regarding children, with possible immigration


  • Review and monitoring of work by bookkeepers
  • Review of annual reports

Registration of trademarks

  • Legal analysis of requests for registration, renewal, and monitoring