What we do

In order to offer our clients the best legal solutions possible, with certainty, we strive to act in each of our clients’ best interests, with an overarching vision, and adapt our services to your business’s reality and organizational culture. We have an efficient structure in order to guarantee our clients a work proposal that optimizes their resources. Our services are concentrated in three main areas: Litigation and Contracts, Tax, Business and Corporate Consulting.

  • Litigation and Contracts
    • Administrative and judicial litigation, with emphasis on civil law, contracts, business-related disputes, corporate, family and succession, and tax.
    • Mediation and conciliation: alternative dispute resolution to protect you if you come to be involved in a legal dispute.
    • Analysis and drafting of contracts, risk and liability assessment.
    • Analysis and legal restructuring of deals, drafting of work contracts for commercial representation and distribution.
  • Tax
    • Business structuring to optimize costs.
    • Business tax planning.
    • Assistance in obtaining federal and state tax benefits.
    • Assistance in obtaining special tax treatment.
    • Incorporation of companies and monitoring of tax, accounting, and compliance.
    • Inheritance and business succession planning.
    • Legal planning for protection of assets.
  • Business and Corporate Consulting
    • Management and renegotiation of liabilities and business reorganization.
    • Analysis and readjustment of company business models for restructuring and growth.
    • Assistance to foreign companies and their owners in starting activities in Brazil, obtaining visas, transfers of funds, registrations with the Central Bank of Brazil, and repatriation of profits.
    • Consulting, contract review, and creation of corporate structures.
  • USA Desk

      Legal assistance and service to Brazilian companies that want to do business in United States, such as American companies that want to do business in Brazil.

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  • Korea Desk

      Excelllent assistance and service to Korean companies that want to do investments in Brazil, such as Brazilian companies that want to expand their business in South Korea.

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  • Individual

      Comprehensive legal services to individuals in alimony, succession planning, divorce, steady union, wills and guardianship.

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